Madame Weigel 100 years ago - 1915

23 Apr 2015 11:58 AMVeronica Lampkin


100 years ago, significant events occurred in Madame Weigel's life.

The first public sign of change came in September 1915 when the title of her fashion journal changed from Weigel's Journal of Fashion to Madame Weigel's Journal of Fashion.

As was typical of this usually discrete journal, no mention was made of the change. That is, until several years later when a small note in the journal advised readers that, amongst the many losses of the Great War, Oscar Weigel had also died.

This was Madame Weigel's husband. Oscar had died whilst the couple were in Los Angeles in February 1915, soon after the start of the World War One and, with German 'alien' backgrounds, a very stressful time for them both.

Read more about this difficult part of Madame Weigel's life in my new book, due out soon - Madame Weigel: the Woman who Clothed the Australasian Colonies.

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PROMENADING POLONAISE: Pattern 1068: Lady's Polonaise (1888)11 Apr 2015 8:56 AMPROMENADING POLONAISE: Pattern 1068: Lady's Polonaise (1888)Pattern 1068: Lady's Polonaise from Weigel's Journal of Fashion, October 1888, was teamed with Pattern 644: Lady's Plain Skirt from March 1884. This made a up a lady's costume.

The pattern text emphasised the approaching summer, and light summer fabrics were recommended. A style seen as suitable for the slender or the 'stout' (the larger figure!), the draperies of the polonaise were a principal feature, gathered in 'uneven puffs' and covering the skirt beneath.
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