MONOGRAMS from Madame Weigel: 1885

6 Sep 2015 8:34 AMVeronica Lampkin

MONOGRAMS from Madame Weigel: 1885

Monograms in embroidery and other skilled craft works were prolifically illustrated in Madame Weigel's journal in the 1880s and 90s. Here is one of her most beautiful examples.














The text from Weigel’s Journal of Fashion, March 1885:

“The letters shown by the engravings may be used for marking linen, silk or woollen articles, and are especially pretty for marking handkerchiefs, for which purpose white ingrain cotton is used and the design being drawn to the article, the outlines are worked in Italian-stitch embroidery, the inner portion of which is filled in with dot-stitching, the flowers being worked in satin-stitch over a slightly padded ground, while the leaves are in outline, and ornamented with very small dot stitching in the centre.”

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