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11 Sep 2015 4:51 PMVeronica Lampkin

Pattern 5502: Lady's Dress in Two Styles

Whilst Madame Weigel remained elusive in the popular press, I found during my eight years of research into her journal and pattern series that she often slipped records of her life into her fashion journal, 'Madame Weigel's Journal of Fashion'.

The illustrations for Pattern 5502 was typical. Here are two refined ladies enjoying time in the art gallery. Madame Weigel loved art galleries and left accounts of some she had visited across the world; she was also a generous patron of the arts.

Issued in her journal in June 1929, Pattern 5502 was described as "made with one or two flounces in the front only, and the neck is finished with a collar or cut round, as preferred". Suitable materials were jersey velour, charmalaine, ring velvet, silk or wool crepe, crepe satin, etc. Such a gorgeous list!

One of the 80 illustrations in my book, "Madame Weigel: the Woman who Clothed the Australasian Colonies", available on this website's product page.


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