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7 Sep 2015 4:24 PMVeronica Lampkin

From 'Weigel's Journal of Fashion', September 1907

Pattern 3122: Lady’s Kimono Bolero, with or without Collar













Issued in Weigel’s Journal of Fashion in the Spring of September 1907, Pattern 3122: Lady’s Kimono Bolero was part of several patterns with an Asian theme issued by Madame Weigel in the 1900s. Madame Weigel had visited Asia earlier in the decade and brought back her influences. She had also bought herself a couple of kimonos in a new style that she felt readers would not have seen before.

Seamstresses were given a choice with Pattern 3122 to make the bolero with or without a collar. The pattern text read:

‘Our artist has designed this Kimono bolero for wearing with any blouse, and it may be made without the collar if preferred. Also the slashing at the shoulder may be made or not, as desired. A fold trims the bolero back and front, and loops and buttons ornament it.’

The hat was typical of the enormous confections so popular in the Edwardian era.

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